A Class Act

By T.L. Hayes

Twenty-five-year-old theater grad student Rory Morgan walks into her Intro to Theater class expecting it to be a piece of cake. She isn’t prepared for the diminutive little fireball of a professor who walks in. She is instantly captivated by Dr. Margaret Parks, her forty-year-old professor, and even works up the courage to flirt a little, which Dr. Parks quickly dismisses. After their first class, Rory finds herself thinking about the professor more and more and spends most of her class time watching the professor as she passionately does her job. Rory really wants to ask her out, but she doesn’t know if the professor is even gay, to say nothing of the fact that she’s her professor. What follows is a romance full of humor, passionate awakenings, and college politics. Can they overcome the hurdles that lie before them and still be a class act?

Release Date  August 1, 2016

Sweet Boy and Wild One

Lonely and bored after her best friend Rory moves away, Rachel Cole find herself once again at her new favorite hang-out: a lesbian owned coffee shop on open mic night, hoping to find a new distraction. Unfortunately, the assembled crowd doesn’t hold any possibilities, but one of the singers immediately catches her attention and Rachel promises herself that before she leaves, she will have the performer’s number and quite possibly, arm around her waist. Bobbie Layton has a smooth, soulful voice and rich brown eyes that pull a person in. In short: Bobbie is gorgeous. But, Rachel soon finds out that there is a lot more beyond the surface and that Bobbie is really just a sweet boy. The question is: will she be able to see beyond outer appearances enough to get past her own feelings of hesitation in order to find her own true love?

Publication date: August 1st, 2017